Joe Farsetta

Joe Farsetta is a Certified Master Inspector®, InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector®, and chairs the InterNACHI's Code of Ethics Committee. 
Joe has a robust background in construction practices and commercial inspections. At one time, he traveled the country performing hundreds of such inspections relative to the design and implementation of structural, electrical, HVAC, fire suppression, and underground and overhead infrastructures used at industrial complexes relative to large-scale computing and communication nerve centers. 
A successful businessman and executive, Joe has directed very large teams of professionals, has run a multi-million dollar profit-and-loss center for a major corporation in the Northeast, and has been responsible for multi-million dollar contract negotiations for enterprise-class companies throughout the United States. 
He has written several magazine articles which have been published internationally.  Subjects include such topics as design considerations and construction practices used in commercial data centers, and electrical power production and distribution methodologies. 
Joe is also a licensed, but non-practicing, real estate professional. 
An inventor, published author and seasoned businessman, Joe operates a home inspection business in New York and chairs InterNACHI's Ethics Committee.

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