Juan Garcia

A native of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Juan Carlos Garcia joined the U.S. Army at the age of 18, with no understanding of what it was to be a soldier.  He simply wanted to leave Puerto Rico to have the opportunity to live in different places. It was those learning experiences that helped shape his life.  Juan had multiple jobs before realizing that his passion was to create businesses, develop opportunities, and help others in the process.   
Soon after 9/11, Juan was working renting apartments when he met his first mentor, who helped Juan accelerate his life to the point that he was earning a six-figure income within two years.  Juan credits his mentor for coaching him to consistently improve, become educated, and become connected and immersed in the right environment to be able to succeed. Juan   put into practice his mentor’s teachings.  In 2013, Juan became a Tony Robbins Platinum Member.  During this time, Juan attended the Tony Robbins Business Mastery classes.
Since then, Juan has created companies in construction, home inspection, landscaping, and real estate, and has been instrumental in helping to develop non-profit organizations.  The construction company Juan built experienced revenue growth from $200K in 2007 to $3.2 million in 2012.  Juan has crafted successful strategies for other companies, as well. The home inspection business he started earned over six figures its first full year. One successful non-profit startup that Juan is extremely proud of is Operation Rescue in Orlando, Florida, which supports families in need by supplying food and other household products. Juan acted as its business strategist.  In its third year of operation, Operation Rescue fed 26,000 families.  
Juan also provides educational training to real estate professionals through the Miami Real Estate Association, one of the largest real estate associations in the world.
Juan is a Certified Master Inspector®