Free mailing labels and postage for any member wishing to write Kansas legislators.

Dear Kansas InterNACHI members:
Parts of the recently passed Kansas Home Inspector Law have been ruled unconstitutional and it appears the law may have to go back to the legislators to be amended.  The time is now to voice your opinions and concerns.
I've personally funded a program that makes it easy and free for you to send a letter to all your legislators in Kansas, the Kansas Attorneys General's office, and the Governor of Kansas.
I have created mailing labels for 41 Kansas Senators, 127 Kansas Representatives, the Attorneys General's office, and the Governor.  These mailing labels are free to any InterNACHI member who requests them.
Can't afford postage?  No problem.  Simply mail your 170 letters and envelopes to me.  I'll fold the letters, stuff them, stamp them with my postage, and mail them for you.
Here are some member-suggested talking points:
  1. The licensing board, without authorization stated in the law, is forming an Standards of Practice (SOP) committee to dictate how Kansas inspectors will inspect.
  2. There are no provisions in the law or funding available to train on a new SOP or to monitor compliance.
  3. Developing a new SOP would require taking into account legal, real estate, insurance, liability, technical, industry trend, and consumer issues and would take many years to complete properly. 
  4. The licensing board does not have the necessary expertise to accomplish a rewrite of the inspection industry's SOP.
  5. A request by InterNACHI, the largest inspection association in the world, for a seat on the SOP committee, was denied by the board's chairman, a member of ASHI, without a board discussion or vote.
  6. A request by InterNACHI, the largest school system in the inspection industry, for a a seat on the Education committee, was denied by the board's chairman, a member of ASHI, without a board discussion or vote.
  7. The chairman of the licensing board unilaterally and without public discussion or board vote, has established educational policies that prohibit online education.  Prohibiting online education harms both inspectors and consumers.  It is interesting to note that InterNACHI already has online inspection courses approved in many other states. 
  8. The chairman of the licensing board is a member of ASHI, a known no-entrance-requirement diploma mill that has a 35 second online application that asks for nothing more than money to join.  Members of known diploma mills should not sit on the licensing board for consumer protection reasons. 
  9. The recent economic downturn has fewer tax dollars coming in to the state to fund this unnecessary legislation.  The licensing board should be abolished and home inspectors need simply to register with the state.
  10. The law is putting home inspector out of work during a time when the government should be helping create jobs.
  11. All members of any known diploma mills should be removed from the licensing board and prohibited from serving on all committees.
Do not use online email lobbying systems as your legislators are smart enough to know that they are coming from a special interest, and so discount them.  A written letter works best and is worth ten thousand emails from a political standpoint.
Here is where to mail your letters and envelopes for folding, stuffing, stamping and mailing:
Nick Gromicko
1750  30th Street
Boulder, CO  80301
If you would like me to box them up after I affix postage to them and return them all to you so that you can mail them yourself from Kansas, let me know and I will.
If you would like the mailing labels only, email me at with your mailing address and I'll ship them to you.
Nick Gromicko