InterNACHI member volunteers to help assess Hurricane Katrina damage!

Kal Patel of 1st Inspection Services in Cincinnati, Ohio has generously volunteered his time to help assess the damage to homes caused by Hurricane Katrina.  Here is the email from Kal and pics of Gulf Port, Mississippi:
Hello All,

Just thought I would drop a quick note to let you see what it looks like in Gulf Port, Mississippi.  I arrived here Thursday, September 22, and after 6 hours of briefing with FEMA, I am out in the field assessing damages to homes.  FEMA can only help people rebuild their lives if they have enough people volunteering to come down and help with assessing the damages to help get people back on their feet.  It is very devastating seeing the damage and the people and what they are going through here first hand.  I am able to get to areas the general public cannot go because I am officially under FEMA and believe me when I tell you that the government (along with Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and other agencies from around the country) are doing a phenomenal job with the recovery efforts.  I have met people from all over the country (everyone has a big heart and a lot of courage) and this is definitely an experience that everyone should go through at least once in their lifetime.  If anyone wants to come down here and help, let me know.  I will send everyone more photos throughout my stay here.  I am expected to be here for at least 2-4 weeks and then go back home.  I hope everyone is well and please pray for those down here who are trying to rebuild their lives and who have lost loved ones.

Thank you,

Kal Patel
InterNACHI member
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