KDKA TV reporter having trouble passing InterNACHI's entrance exam (even with help).

Above is a screen capture from a recent KDKA report which shows a reporter, one Marty Griffin, getting help taking InterNACHI's entrance exam.   In the report, the reporter correctly states quote "The questions are not that easy."  And that  "with the help of KDKA's building maintenance man," the two of them together failed one of InterNACHI's entrance exams receiving a score of 75 (80 is InterNACHI's passing cut-off score). 
InterNACHI is pleased with this reporter's assessment of our entrance exam (of which passing is one of many requirements necessary to apply for membership in InterNACHI) since his score (despite it being an open-book exam and him having help) is in line with our national statistics http://exams.nachi.org/stats.php 
However, the report incorrectly implied that InterNACHI issued him some sort of quote "certificate".  This is not true.  The certification he received was from an unknown correspondence school which appears to use InterNACHI's entrance exam as their final exam and is in no way connected to InterNACHI.  The reporter did NOT earn or receive any certification from InterNACHI as InterNACHI does not issue online certifications and passing our entrance exam is simply one of many requirements he needed to fulfill to merely apply for membership in InterNACHI.  https://www.nachi.org/membership.htm
Also, by Pennsylvania state regulation and InterNACHI's Code of Ethics 1.10, home inspectors in PA must carry $500,000.00 worth of Error & Omissions insurance.  This insurance required in PA is obtained through InterNACHI.
Nick Gromicko has accepted an offer by KDKA to do a local radio show about home inspections and real estate.
The inspector, PHIC and ASHI memer Thomas Laurito gets hammered by the reporter.  The reporter accuses the PHIC/ASHI member of writing the same comment "nice home" in every report.
Advice to consumers reading this... make sure your home inspector is a member of InterNACHI.
Also check out this ASHI/PHIC mentor https://www.nachi.org/kdka2005.htm