Continuing Education

Come to Virginia Beach For An Educational Course
Saturday, August 26, 2006
8:30 AM to 4:00 PM
 2697 International Parkway, PKWY 4, STE 180, Virginia Beach

Price of this course: $99
We will be covering some great topics in this course:
  • Residential Roofing Systems/Shingles With John E. Cranor, II 
    • Among the many construction systems that are combined to create a house, the roofing system can be the most expensive to install or repair. Home inspectors and real estate agents know the roof is often the first concern of buyers when making a home purchase. Material identification, proper installation techniques and common roof concerns are all discussed during this lecture and slideshow presentation. Problem areas such as valleys, starter courses and flashing details are explained. The common causes and indicators of roof failure are discussed. Home inspectors, appraisers and real estate investors will find this session very informative. Real estate professionals such as property managers will become familiar with roofing terminology and learn why what is often found in the gutter or on the ground could be an indication of what's needed on the roof.

  • Wells & Pumps with InterNACHI member/trainer Kenny Hart
    • Though today many of us get our water from a municipality, wells and pumps are still quite prevalent in our homes. Wells and pumps provide water for irrigation, heating and cooling and some still get their domestic water from deep inside the earth. This session was created to help attendees understand how pumps work and how those clever little conduits to the earth's groundwater called wells are installed. Pump and system component identification and operation, well issues and water concerns are all covered during this slide presentation and lecture session. This session is highly recommended for home inspectors, real estate professionals, appraisers and those interested in pump and well installation and maintenance.


  • Uncovering Hidden Plumbing Defects with InterNACHI member/trainer Kenny Hart
    • Strange little sounds and odors that are created by our plumbing systems, cross-connected devices that can cause illness and leaks that appear to come and go are all a part of modern life. During this slide presentation and lecture you'll see why plumbing system sounds are sometimes an indicator of a needed repair and at other times a minor concern. Some system odors are annoying or perhaps embarrassing and others are a warning of a potential hazard. This session will help home inspectors understand how using their nose and ears to help identify potential defects can be as important as using their eyes. Real estate professionals and investors will see how an intermittent leak might become a major expense. This session can also help property managers see the urgency or lack of urgency in tenant complaints. Plumbing system sounds, odors, intermittent leaks and cross-connection concerns are among the topics covered.
InterNACHI Approved CE Credits: Earn 6 Credits
Also Approved for ASHI, NAHI, CEU and Real Estate CE, PL.
Earn 6 approved credits on Saturday and hit the beach on Sunday!!
Please contact InterNACHI Member, Kenny Hart, Division Chair of the Building Practices &Trade Show Division of the Alpha College of Real Estate.