Knights Software offers InterNACHI member discount on inspector software.

The Nation's Leader in Home Inspection Software Offers Discount to InterNACHI - the Nation's Leading Home Inspection Association
Minneapolis, MN 5/10/2007

Knights Software Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce today that any InterNACHI member will receive a $100 discount off our full license InspectMate software. Our data collection software solution has been in the home inspection software market for over 10 years and was the first home inspection software to run on a handheld device. We specialize in writing data collection/inspection software and have the best interface and feature-base in the market.
Our application runs on many different types of hardware platforms including a Desktop PC, TabletPC, Laptop, CE tablets and the very popular PocketPC devices. The full license price is $949 for the full version and $349 for a limited version that includes 50 inspections.
The biggest difference between the InspectMate software and other home inspection software is that our software is TRUE inspection software and not just reporting software. What this means is that the software is meant to be used AS you are doing your inspection and not after the inspection. We eliminate the need to reenter your inspection data at the end of the inspection; instead we create a Word document based on the data collected with the InspectMate software. We can also tag the pictures during the inspection process so that pictures are AUTOMATICALLY included in the body of the report when it is printed. No need to manually place the pictures in the report at the end of the inspection process. Recently we have added the ability to easily duplicate entire groups of rooms to easily handle duplexes.
Knights Software Solutions Advantage:

For years home inspectors have had to use hand written reports or spend valuable time re-entering all their data onto a computer. Notebook computers haven't helped because they are bulky and only have a few hours of battery life.
InspectMate's Handheld PC system is the perfect answer. It is easily customized, recognizes your own handwriting, prints on-site, and lasts all day without charging. With Knights Software you'll have professional looking reports and never have to do double-duty again. We bring over 20 years of experience in delivering technology solutions to business.
Knights Software Solution Solution:
Eliminates the high costs and added time requirements of data transcription.
Eliminates errors related to delays between actual inspection and report preparation.
Delivers a finished product to the client immediately on site by printing of either a complete or summary report.
Eliminates "canned program" appearance with complete user control of the content allowing for a professional and custom look and feel.
Protects your most valuable asset: TIME
Library Editor is a Windows based application that allows you to customize your inspection content as well as to create new templates.
Sample quotes from some of our over 1,500 happy clients:
"I think the [InspectMate]system is the best in-field reporting system in the industry." - M.G. Morton Grove, IL.
"Now I don't have to spend until midnight every night typing reports." - C.F. Weedsport, NY
"The decision [to purchase additional systems] was pretty simple. The total savings - time and money - attributable to the [InspectMate] system is significant." - R.B. Plymouth, MI.
About Knights Software Solutions, Inc. 
Established in November of 2006, Knights Software Solutions launched as a separate company from Borealis Communications, LLC to concentrate on the general home inspection market. The home inspection industries most popular software started its beginnings over 10 years ago as one of the first home inspection software solutions to be used on a handheld device. Knights Software Solutions will continue to improve this state-of-the-art software and integrate newer features requested by the home inspection industry as well as introduce new companion products that complement the home inspection/data collection software. Information may be delivered more timely and accurately, while at the same time the requirement to re-key data is eliminated, saving time and money.
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