Log Home Disclaimer Language

Hidden Wood Decay:
Although the Inspector uses techniques such as resonance testing (tapping), probing and visual examination in an effort to determine the presence of wood decay in the logs of log structures, these techniques are not technically exhaustive and will not reveal the presence of wood decay hidden in inaccessible places, such as log cores and/or the intersections of log walls. For this reason, locating hidden decay in logs incorporated into the structure of log homes lies beyond the scope of the General Home Inspection.

Chinking Disclaimer:
Modern caulk-like sealant and its supporting substrate, together commonly known as "chinking," have certain requirements for proper application including but not limited to proper backing and sealant materials and installation and minimum sealant thickness which can be verified only before or during the application process and are not visible after completion of the chinking application process. The chinking application process was complete at the time of the inspection and the Inspector disclaims these and any other conditions relating to materials and/or installation of the chinking sealant which were not visible at the time of the inspection.

Compliance with Manufacturer’s Specifications:
Because there exists a multitude of log home builders offering both Manufactured and Handcrafted homes, each using a method often of their own choosing and invention and often requiring that the contractor building or assembling the home adhere to a similar multitude of proprietary engineering specifications, the adherence to most of which cannot be confirmed without disassembly of the relevant home component, inspecting for compliance with Manufacturer’s Specifications lies beyond the scope of the General Home Inspection.

Compliance to Standards:
Confirming compliance with any Standards set forth by any organization or association relating to log home construction lies beyond the scope of The General Home Inspection.