InterNACHI's Policy on Logo Designs for Members


(Modified January 1, 2016)

InterNACHI® strives to provide innovative and effective custom logos for its members. InterNACHI® works with each member to create a logo that provides the professional image the member desires. However, for legal reasons, InterNACHI® has adopted certain limitations on the logos it will design:

  1. The logo must not infringe or be likely to infringe on the trademark of any other person or entity. A logo is likely to infringe if is (a) substantially like the logo of another person or entity providing home inspection services in the same region, and (b) is likely to create confusion as to the source of the services in question.

  2. The logo must not infringe or be likely to infringe on the Certified Master Inspector® trademark or the Certified Master Inspector® logo. The Certified Master Inspector® trademark and logo are registered trademarks owned by the Master Inspector Certification Board (MICB), Inc. InterNACHI® does not own those trademarks. The MICB allows inspectors who have earned the CMI® designation to use its trademarks, but does not allow those inspectors to modify its logo for their own use.

  3. The logo must not portray InterNACHI® or any other person or entity in a negative light.

  4. The logo must not be deceptive or likely to deceive the public.

  5. The logo must not violate the copyright of any other person or entity.

  6. The logo must not subject InterNACHI® to potential legal action by any other person or entity.

The determination as to whether a proposed logo violates this policy shall be made by InterNACHI’s General Counsel or his designee in their sole discretion.

If InterNACHI® provides a logo for a member and the member subsequently modifies the logo such that it violates this policy, InterNACHI® may take such action as it deems appropriate, up to and including termination of the member’s membership.