Guidelines for the MAB and ESOPC - draft version 5/4/2006

The following apply to both the Members Action Board (MAB) and the Ethics & Standards of Practice Committee (ESOPC).  The term "Board" shall be applicable to both bodies for the following procedures unless otherwise specified:

1. Membership
1.1 Composition
1.1.1 The MAB shall be composed of 9 members.
1.1.2 The ESOPC shall be composed of 5 members.
1.2 Elections
1.2.1 Board Members shall be elected from the general membership of InterNACHI to serve terms of 2 years duration.
1.2.2 Elections for Board Members shall be held once every two years in the same month.  The time of election shall be determined by the Executive Director.
1.3 Qualifications:  A Board Member shall:
1.3.1 Be a member of InterNACHI in good standing for 1 year prior to election or appointment and remain in good standing throughout the term of service as a board member.
1.3.2 Be an active home inspector that meets the requirements for membership as a Full member of InterNACHI.
1.3.3 Members of the MAB and ESOPC shall not be an owner, partner, representative, employee of any business, vendor, supplier, institution, organization or entity that does business with, or seeks to enter a financial relationship with InterNACHI as an entity, or with home inspectors individually whether or not such home inspectors are affiliated with InterNACHI or any other home inspector professional organization.  Any financial relationship beyond the payment of membership dues and related fees is considered for this purpose to be such a business/financial relationship.  If a board member transitions into a vendor as defined above during the term of tenure, the member shall resign immediately.
1.3.4 The definition of vendor as described above shall not apply to a person providing goods or services targeted at the general public marketplace and where the goods or services offered are not advertised, marketed, or designed for use by home inspectors as a profession.
2. Chairperson
2.1 Within 20 calendar days of each election, the Board shall select a chairperson from its members by vote of the Board members.
2.2 Duties of the Chairperson:
2.2.1 Leading and managing the business of the Board to provide clear direction and focus.
2.2.2 Ensuring that there is a clear structure for the effective operation of the Board and its committee members.
2.2.3 Ensuring that the committee is properly structured and run in accordance with agreed rules and regulations.
2.2.4 Encouraging a culture that upholds the highest standards of integrity and probity.
2.2.5 Preside over Board meetings and set the agenda, style and tone of Board discussions to promote fast and effective decision-making and constructive debate in Board meetings. 
2.2.6 Build an effective and complementary Board, the skills of which match the scale and complexity of the organizations business.
2.2.7 Ensuring the Board contributes fully in major strategic decisions.
2.2.8 Ensuring that the strategies and actions approved by the Board are effectively forwarded to the Chief Executive Officers.
2.2.9 Working closely with the Chief Executive Officers providing support and advice, whilst respecting the Chief Executive Officer's responsibility for the day-to-day management of the organization.
2.2.10 Promoting the highest standards of corporate governance.
2.2.11 Ensuring that the committee has an effective and clear communication with the general membership.
2.2.12 Addressing the development needs and team concept of the Board by working with the Board of Directors.
3. Vacancy
3.1 A vacancy shall be filled by appointment to serve out a remaining term.
3.2 The collective of the Executive Director, President, and Vice President shall make the appointment with the advice of the Board.
4. Responsibilities of the Members Action Board
4.1 Represent the best interests of the membership in all activities of the MAB to the best of their abilities.
4.2 Respond to requests by the Executive Leadership of InterNACHI for advice and/or action on such items as they feel are best served by the MAB.
4.3 Establish an agenda of issues that the MAB feels need attention, develop plans to address those issues, and carry out those plans.  This development of this agenda shall be a cooperative action by the MAB and the Executive Leadership.
4.4 Process such complaints against members as may be filed in accordance with the MAB Ethics Processing Procedure.
4.5 To create such procedures for internal operation of the Board as may be necessary.  Such procedures will be documented and available for any InterNACHI member to view.
5. Responsibilities of the Ethics and Standards of Practice Committee.
5.1 To create and maintain a Standards of Practice document for InterNACHI members that reflects the current state of the art of Home Inspection procedures.
5.2 To create and maintain an Ethics Policy document that reflects a fair and balanced perspective towards the public, InterNACHI, its membership, its staff, and vendors.
5.3 To create and maintain a policy specifying representative categories of violations that are worthy of sanctions and the types of sanctions that may be enacted against members who are found guilty of violating those representative categories of violations of the SOP or Ethics practices.  This policy shall be fair, flexible, and have varying degrees of sanctions that are tailored to fit the varying types of violations.  It is likely that it will not be possible to foresee every specific violation that could occur but the policy should address those representative major types that have occurred before and/or are likely to occur again as examples that may be used as precedents for interpretation and application to unforeseen situations.
5.4 The above policies shall undergo active and periodic review and any changes found to be needed shall be published for review and public comment by the InterNACHI membership prior to enactment.  Enacted policies shall be prominently published on the InterNACHI web site.
5.5 To create such procedures for internal operation of the Committee as may be necessary.  Such procedures will be documented, published, and available for any InterNACHI member to view.
6. Responsibilities of Board Members
6.1 Board members shall carry out the duties of the office in an active, diligent, and honorable manner.
6.2 Board members shall maintain as confidential all internal Board discussions and proceedings leading up to public Board actions or published project results.
6.3 Board members shall treat proprietary personal and/or business data that may have been entrusted to them as necessary in order to effectively carry out their duties as confidential.  This shall include confidential InterNACHI information as well as that of individual members.
6.4 Failure to actively and diligently carry out the duties of the Board shall be dealt with by internal procedures created within each Board.
6.5 Failure to maintain confidentiality of information as noted above shall be dealt with by internal procedures created within each Board.
6.6 All internal procedures shall be publicized and available to any InterNACHI member to view.