Market Your Inspection Business by Posting on InterNACHI's Message Board

Are you taking advantage of InterNACHI's Message Board to help market your inspection business?  As of September, 2021, InterNACHI's Message Board has:
  • more than 2.6 million posts;
  • receives millions of hits a year; and
  • comprises over 99% of all inspection-related text on the Internet.

Consumers and real estate agents searching online for specific home-related topics often find InterNACHI's message board threads and, thus, the InterNACHI members contributing to those threads. Some members report getting several inspections a month from InterNACHI's Message Board.

Here are some tips for getting the most marketing value out of InterNACHI's Message Board: 
1.  Contribute often. The more posts you author, the more likely you will be found.
2.  Make real, substantive posts that search engines can find and that consumers and real estate agents will find useful. Upload and attach an inspection image to your post. Write a short description about that image in your post.  
3.  If you are an expert in a particular inspection area, such as commercial roofing, solar systems, wood-destroying insects, etc.:
a.  make very detailed, helpful posts regarding your areas of expertise; and
b.  start threads about those issues.  (Note: Please start threads in their respective, appropriate forums, such as the Electrical Forum, the Thermal Imaging Forum, etc.)
4. Be conscious about what you say in the open-to-all sections of the Message Board.  Search engines such as Google can't see and don't index the Members-Only sections of InterNACHI's Message Board. So, your strategy should be to keep non-inspection-related posts (such as religious and political discussions) in the Members-Only sections of the Message Board, and post technical discussions in the appropriate and open forums of the Message Board.
5.  Add a link to your inspection business' website address to your best, technical posts.  

6.  Add your inspection business' telephone number to your best, technical posts.

7.  Add your city to your best technical posts, i.e., Serving Columbus, Ohio.