InterNACHI discount on MGB Publications report forms and books.

Press Release:    January 9, 2006
MGB Publications, Inc. distributes products through the InterNACHI Mall at 10% off!

In the Software and Report Forms section is a link to The Guardian – Building Inspection Report:  Two and a half years in development and field tested on over 3000 home inspections, this paper report form will reduce handwriting by 50 to 80% over most paper forms.  The MGB guarantee is that if it is a condition that an inspector finds on a weekly basis, it’s already in print in a concise statement waiting to be checked.  The inspector truly only must hand write locations of conditions and the unusual.  It is a 10 page report in triplicate along with the agreement documents.  The specific link to that product is:
In the book section is a link to the three booklets published by MGB.  They are:
• The Guardian – Home Care Guide:  This book is the companion to the Guardian report form.  It comes in 3-hole punched to be inserted into the report binder and also comes in a 5.5 x 8.25 soft cover booklet that can be a post inspection handout no matter what the reporting method.  It is a brief guide to care of the home written for first time homebuyers.  It’s a great and affordable thank you gift!
• The Zen of Home Inspection:  This book is unique in the home inspection industry.  It is truly an inspirational and encouraging book that focuses the home inspection as an art and profession.  The book is available in soft cover and hardback.  Here are two comments received regarding the Zen:
“Michael, it’s amazing how this simply stated book gets right to the heart of our business.  It’s very thought provoking and A MUST READ!  At the end it leaves you wanting more.  I could envision re-reading pages randomly just to stay in tune with the excellent insights provided.  All this and quotes from Jimi Hendrix too!  Well done!”  - Gregory. Mann, FABI Board of Directors
 “I concur!” – Jeff Hooper, President of FABI
• The Inspectors Reference:  This book offers a home inspection in outline form reflecting the strictest home inspection Standard of Practice found.  It’s full of tips, recommendations, web reference links, industry safety standard practices and precautions, all based upon the authors 11 year 9000+ inspection career on top of 21 years of design/build and disaster restoration construction experience.  It’s a great little booklet to keep in your tool bag!
The web page link to these books is:
MGB also designs printer ready brochures, business cards, company logos and web sites.
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