About Michael Segerstrom

Michael Segerstrom has been servicing chimneys and venting systems since 1997. He has been inspecting, sweeping, repairing, installing, and replacing chimneys, vents, fireplaces and hearth appliances for the last 10 years with his own company. Michael is a C.S.I.A. Certified Sweep, a F.I.R.E. Service Certified Chimney Inspector, and an N.F.I. Certified Woodburning and Pellet Specialist.

A past President and Government Affairs Committee Chair for the New Jersey Chimney Sweep Guild, Michael has also previously served on the Mid-Atlantic H.P.B.A. Board of Directors. He currently serves as the National Chimney Sweep Guild Technical Advisory Council Chair, and serves on the C.S.I.A. Board of Directors and the H.P.B.E.F. (N.F.I.) Board of Governors.

Michael has written and instructed industry specific classes and courses on the local, state, regional, and national levels, is an instructor for the C.S.I.A. and Olympia Chimney Supply, and has been an instructor for the C.S.I.A.’s National Chimney Sweep Training School.

Michael enjoys fishing, camping, cruising and spending time with family and friends.