Get more inspections from sellers and the buyers who tour the property for sale.

Not enough buyers?  Market to sellers with MoveInCertified signs and get a copy of the product you produce as a professional (the inspection report) in the hands of every potential buyer that tours the home for sale.  These buyers are all about to hire a home inspector in your local market.  Catch them upstream before your competitors do.  Also, many sellers move locally and you are likely to get the inspection job on the home the seller is moving to, as well. 
If you provide MoveInCertified seller's inspections, having yard signs to loan to your clients is a great marketing tool.   When you finish a MoveInCertified seller's inspection, offer to loan the seller one of your signs.  They can use the sign to promote their home, and you'll receive more referrals from the extra views your inspection report receives.  Once the house is sold, retrieve the sign to use at a later date.  You'll most likely receive a warm thanks and plenty of word-of-mouth advertising as well.

Advantages of offering MoveInCertified seller inspections:

  • Seller inspections allow the inspector to catch inspection jobs upstream, ahead of real estate transactions and the competition.
  • Seller inspections are easier to schedule and are not under the time constraints of sales agreement's inspection contingencies.
  • Working for sellers is typically less stressful than working for buyers about to make the purchase of their lifetimes. 
  • Sellers can alert the inspector to problems that should be included in the report, answer questions about their homes, and provide seller's disclosure statements.
  • Repairs of problems found during seller inspections often necessitate the need for re-inspections by the inspector.
  • Seller inspections put (via a sample copy of the inspector's product (the report) in the hands of many potential buyers who will need a local inspector soon.
  • Seller inspections put a sample copy of the inspector's product, the report, in the hands of many local buyer's agents that tour the home.
  • Move In Certified yard signs allow potential buyers to view real samples of the inspector's work. 
  • The inspector is credited, in part, with the smoothness of the real estate transaction by buyer, seller and agents on both sides.
  • The liability of the inspector is reduced by putting more time between the date of the inspection and the move-in date of the buyers.
  • The liability of the inspector is reduced because the inspector's clients are not buying the properties inspected, but rather moving out of them.
  • The buyer might insist on hiring the seller's inspector to produce a fresh report since the seller's inspector is already familiar with the home.
  • Seller inspections provide inspectors opportunities to showoff their services to listing agents. 
  • Seller inspections provide examples of the inspector's work to the listing agent of each home, which might encourage those agents to have other listings pre-inspected by the inspector.
  • Most sellers are local buyers and so many sellers hire the inspector again to inspect the homes they are moving to.
Each MoveInCertified sign is made of weather-proof corrugated plastic, printed (full color) on both sides, and comes with a metal stand.
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