Mold Inspection Reporter offers exclusive InterNACHI discount on mold inspection reporting software.

Mold Inspection Reporter announced that it is offering its comprehensive mold inspection software through InterNACHI.

In order to help meet the needs of InterNACHI members who also perform mold inspections we are offering a InterNACHI exclusive discount of $50.00 of the cost of this product.

Our sincere belief is that The Mold Inspection Reporter (MIR) soft ware system will enable you to provide the most comprehensive and impressive mold inspection report available.

Of course, MIR mold inspection reporter software is extremely easy to use as it will allow you to input information directly into the report on site with the aid of a handheld Palm computer, or a laptop computer while walking you through many steps of the inspection process.
Our system enables you to easily document interior and exterior visual findings, environmental instrumentation readings, air conditioning system inspection information, lab results and lab result interpretations. Also included is general information on mold and mold spore levels with references to some reliable scientific studies.

Visual findings, interpretation of lab results, inspector's final conclusions, remediation recommendations and more can be added to your reports quickly and easily, in fact much of the data input is automated, with hundreds of on-screen, drop-down menu items to choose from. Just click on an appropriate sentence or paragraph already stored in the report and it is added to the report. New drop down menu items can be added and existing ones can be edited by you easily.

The exterior section, interior section and air conditioner evaluations sections of the report include information that will enable you to follow many IESO (Indoor Environmental Standards Organizations) standards as well as many New York City DOH, and American Conference of Industrial Hygienist guidelines and recommendations during your inspections. All this is programmed into the report.
The report software includes many disclaimers that are sure to explain your limitations to clients, and greatly limit your liability. Last but not least we have included a very helpful robust remediation protocol writing section to the report that will make remediation protocol preparation easier than ever.
Also included:

Fax cover sheet,  billing invoice, receipt, summary of final conclusions, AC remediation protocol pages, general remediation protocol pages, information on mold spore level studies from around the world, general information on mold, Four-page comprehensive pre-inspection agreement form designed to help keep you from legal problems by disclosing to your client the limitations of a mold inspection. Software features include the ability to generate diagrams - include diagrams or schematics in reports to help eliminate callbacks, built-in spell checker, use colored text, bold, italics or underline anywhere in reports and summaries, automatically saves reports every 2,4, or 6 minutes, merges report info or office manager data into documents automatically, reports can be e-mailed to your clients or printed out, store an unlimited number of reports and back them up to a CD disk or another computer, works with windows XP, very affordable technical support, ability to print our check sheets on site so data can be input into your computer at the office, or you can directly input the data into a PDA or laptop at the site, instantly preview finished report and summary letter anytime, print completer reports or upload to web sites, PDF Writer included for trouble free e-mailing completed reports to your clients, and the InterNACHI member discount.
Are you offering mold inspection services to your clients and need of a comprehensive mold report writing program to aid you in creating professional mold inspection reports or even remediation protocols?
Look no further, below you will find attached a sample mold inspection report that was prepared with Mold Inspection Reporter. Open the below report to get an idea of what a completed mold report will look like when your client receives one from you via e-mail.
Below you will find a link to a website where you can actually download a free limited use demo copy of the software, play with it for a while and if you like it you can order from the same website. 
CLICK HERE to download the FREE trial. 
We are sure your experience will be pleasant.  Enjoy the software and the InterNACHI member discount.
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