Home Inspector Newsletter #93 May 2016

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More Than 30 Types of Certifications (online & free) 

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To choose from more than 30 types of inspector certifications, do the following two steps:
Step #1: Join InterNACHI. 
  • Join InterNACHI as a member at $49 per month (cancel any time) or $499 per year.
Step #2: Get Certified.
  • Members may choose from more than 30 types of inspector certifications (all online & free for members) by visiting www.nachi.org/certification.

How to Become a Certified Home Inspector (1-min. video)    
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Once you become a certified home inspector, you will be awarded the Certified Professional Inspector® designation.

To become a certified home inspector and attain your CPI designation, you must complete all of the requirements:

Certification Requirements: 
  1. Join InterNACHI.
  2. Pass InterNACHI's Online Inspector Examination (online, free, and open to everyone).
  3. Complete InterNACHI's online Code of Ethics Course (online and free for members).
  4. Complete InterNACHI's online Residential Standards of Practice Course (online and free for members).
  5. If you have never performed any fee-paid inspections, you must submit four mock inspection reports to InterNACHI's Report Review Committee (free service). If you have already performed any fee-paid inspections you can skip this step. 
  6. After joining InterNACHI and completing the above requirements, you must sign your affidavit to become a certified home inspector.
Customized Books 
Your inspection company can have its own home maintenance book to give to clients.
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Get custom home maintenance books at no additional cost! The home maintenance book teaches your clients how their home works, how to maintain it, and how to save energy.

We can put anything you want on the cover, including a photo of:
  • you,
  • your inspectors,
  • your inspection vehicle, or
  • whatever you like.

We'll provide all the design work for free.


You can completely customize the entire front and back cover so that it looks like your book. Give your clients YOUR book! 

Free, Live Home Inspection  Class #17 with Ben Gromicko 
In this class, we'll learn how to perform a home inspection. We'll review hundreds of inspection images and the inspection report from a recent home inspection performed by the instructor. We'll discuss infrared, branding and marketing, and tools. You can ask questions through a live, online chat.

Everyone who registers for the free class will receive a link to the video recording of the class. So, register now.

Finished Basement Walls
Dry to the Interior
Finished basement walls are exposed to many different things that come from all directions. The finished basement wall is exposed to different temperatures, moisture levels, water vapor movement, heat, cold, cool concrete, warm interior air, etc.  And they all relate to the biggest concern with basement finished walls: moisture.
Traditional practices, such as the use of a warm-in-winter vapor diffusion retarder on the inside of the finish wall system, have resulted in moisture problems.  A basement foundation wall assembly that dries toward the interior is the best and most desirable.

The insulation to use when finishing a basement is a rigid foam insulation board. That type of insulation will allow the foundation wall assembly to dry inward, away from the foundation wall and toward the interior of the finished basement space.  The foam insulation should be vapor-permeable (greater than 1 perm). The greater the perm, the easier it is for the wall to dry inward.

Because the foam insulation needs to be continuous and sealed at the seams, the insulation should be installed behind the wood-framed wall. Additional insulation can be installed in the spaces between the studs.

Custom Logos for Inspectors

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InterNACHI's Design Team just created a new custom logo for Mountain View Home Inspections at no cost to the member.

Logo and marketing design services are a free InterNACHI membership benefit.

Customized Video Ad
Going to Highest Bidder! 

Tuesday night's auction item being provided by Inspector Outlet is a customized online video ad produced for your inspection company.  
  • The auction starts now and ends at 9 p.m. MST on Tuesday, May 17, 2016.
  • The winner will be the post with the highest bid as of 9 p.m. MST.

Be the highest bidder, and we'll produce an awesome video ad that will generate lots of business for you. 

Upload the video to your YouTube channel and embed the video on your website.  

Test-Drive Over $20,000 Worth of Inspection Tools

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Test-drive over $20,000 worth of inspection tools at our upcoming InterNACHI Boulder Chapter meeting. It's free and open to everyone, and is located at InterNACHI Headquarters in Boulder, Colorado.

The inspection tools include:

New, Amazing Infrared Camera
Introducing the FLIR E5 Infrared Camera with MSX®

Now you can afford the ultimate inspection tool. Gain the competitive advantage and take care of more customers. Blow them away with dramatic MSX thermal images that clearly reveal problems -- from sources of energy loss, moisture intrusion and structural issues, to overheating electrical and mechanical equipment.

MSX® Thermal Image Enhancement

MSX adds key details from the onboard visible light camera to the entire infrared image in real time. The result: an all-in-one thermal picture with numbers, labels, and other structural features intact so you'll instantly recognize where the heat issue is.

Stucco and EIFS Walls of Defects at InterNACHI

Click here to see walls.

You're invited to check out the stucco and EIFS walls of defects at InterNACHI Headquarters in Boulder, Colorado.  

We intentionally created installation defects on each stucco/EIFS wall. The walls represent the 12 most common stucco exterior covering materials.

Check out the stucco walls of defects.

Click here to watch video. 
We have a short 17-minute video of inspection tips for inspecting stucco and EIFS cladding with Ron Huffman.

InterNACHI offers a course on inspecting stucco and EIFS cladding. Upon successful completion of the training course, you'll be able to properly inspect a house that has stucco or EIFS cladding.         

Report Writing for Inspectors: Blueprint Summaries

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If you missed the recent live class about report writing, we have the video recording for you.

In this video recording, our guest, Mike Crow, addresses and answers 17+ of the most important report-writing questions from beginner and veteran inspectors alike, and shows you how to most efficiently create inspection reports, while still maximizing the service you provide to your clients and customers. This isn't about specific software -- It's all about answering your report-related questions and specifically demonstrating how you can efficiently and accurately use your report to best serve all of the parties involved. 

How Did Inspector John Figure Out How Much to Charge?

Here's an example of how Inspector John figured out how much to charge for his home inspection fee using a mathematical formula.

First, Inspector John calculated his billable hourly rate (assuming John has no employees yet) by using the following simple formula:

(Desired Annual Salary + Overhead + Desired Annual Profit) ÷ Annual Billable Hours = Billable Hourly Rate.
Now, add everything together (desired annual salary + annual overhead + desired annual profit) and divide that result by Inspector John's annual billable hours, which is the total number of hours he works doing inspections each year. For John, it's about 1,250 hours. The result is the hourly rate he needs to charge to cover his salary and overhead, and make a profit.

Here's an example of Inspector John figuring out his billable hourly rate. John's goal is to make $100,000 per year in salary (that's his desired annual salary as gross income, before taxes). And he figured out that his overhead is $25,000 per year. So far, John's business needs to make a total of $125,000 to pay for his salary and overhead. Now, John sets his profit margin at 20%. The question is: How much money (gross revenue) does John's business have to make in a year to reach his goal?

The equation we have is: Gross Revenue = Salary + Overhead + Profit. Entering known values, we have Gross Revenue = 100,000 + 25,000 + 20% of Gross Revenue. Adding and changing the percentage into a decimal, we have Gross Revenue = 125,000 + 0.2 x Gross Revenue, which brings us to Gross Revenue - 0.2 x Gross Revenue = 125,000. And that brings us to 0.8 x Gross Revenue = 125,000. Dividing both sides by 0.8 gives us Gross Revenue = 125,000 / 0.8 = 156,250.

Now, John's business needs to make $156,250. John plans to work one five-hour inspection job per day. Assuming 50 work weeks per year, that's 1,250 billable hours per year. So, John takes $156,250 (salary + overhead + profit) and divides that by his annual billable hours of 1,250. The result is $125 per hour.

John should be pricing his inspections at $125 per hour.

Assuming John's typical inspection takes five hours, John's home inspection service should be priced at $625. This is John's flat rate, the average fee for one inspection for a typical house in his market. John should do a home inspection for $625, give or take a little.

John figured out that $625 per inspection will cover his $100,000 salary and $25,000 overhead, and yield a 20% profit.

John has successfully set his pricing. Can you? 


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Infrared Certification
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Certification Seals

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InterNACHI's Vision and Mission Statement

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