World's best mousepad

UPDATE:  Real estate agents love their mouse pads.


Mousepad Promotion:  InterNACHI will cover up to 50% (pro-rated) of the production costs for any member who wants his/her own quality mousepads with his/her own inspection company contact information on it.  They must be high quality and include a InterNACHI web address such as, www.FindAnInspector.US , , or somewhere on it to qualify for reimbursement .  InterNACHI does not reimburse for cheap mousepads or poor designs so check with Nick first. Reimbursements for such shared marketing ventures are made directly from InterNACHI to you.  InterNACHI does not sell mousepads, we only reimburse members for procuring their own after we receive a pic (jpg) of it.

You can see fellow InterNACHI member' Ron Kuntz's design at  InterNACHI reimbursed Ron 50% of his costs to purchase his own mousepads.  His business increased 450% after delivering 250 of these mousepads to local REALTORs.  There are many other InterNACHI members who have testified on the InterNACHI message board to their success. 

Real estate agents respond to InterNACHI's mouse pad promotion.

Attention REALTORs:  Is Your Inspector Blind?