My Safe Florida Home Program

Florida Department of Financial Services awarded a contract to InterNACHI® to serve as a Wind Certification Entity (WCE) and to provide wind certification analysis in Region Two (R2) under the My Safe Florida Home Program (MSFH Program). 

InterNACHI® will be hiring solely InterNACHI®-Certified Wind Mitigation Inspectors to perform these inspections. To become qualified to participate in this program, contact: 

Michelle Shishilla - InterNACHI - Region 2  and  3! 
(onboarding on Pause for all Regions)
(303) 551-8167
Florida Special Programs Manager or Start Onboarding Here - For future Opportunity Preparedness.

Leo Cannyn - Beryl Engineering - Regions 1 & 3

Chris Thomas - My Safe Home Inspection - All Regions

Don Meyler (DMI) - All Regions
Brian Tone -

To participate in the program, inspectors must provide proof of general liability insurance and either workers' compensation insurance certificate (with min 100,000 per accident, 100,000 per person and 500,000 policy aggregate) or a workers' compensation exemption.  

Please use the following addresses for the certificates of insurance:

State of Florida
Department of Financial Services
Hannah Tucker
200 East Gaines St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399
Ben Gromicko
1750 30th St., Ste. 301
Boulder, CO 80301

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CILB approves InterNACHI's online Wind Mitigation Inspection Course.

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