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Get a better idea of what the Library contains by viewing the Table of Contents here.

HomeGauge Template     (view HG screen samples here)

Easy Installation
Take a few minutes  to install this template in your HomeGauge software and have immediate access to over 12,000 comments and a variety of reference material.

The template comes set up as a hybrid but can be easily changed to full system-by-System or Room-by-Room. Everything you need to make the changes is already installed in the template.

Reference Material
This template has a large amount of reference material including checklists, inspection guidelines, and lists of inspection concerns. Links to PDF manuals for installation and inspection will be available any time you have wireless access to the internet. Most reference material appears automatically on the right side of the screen when you are looking at inspection items (choose the middle image above).

HomeGauge Trial Version
This template will work with the HG trial version. If you decide to buy a different software, The Library will be provided to you free of charge in the available format of your choosing.

Home Inspector Pro template     (view HIP screen samples here)

In addition to about 12,000 highly-organized narratives and lots of reference material like Date Codes and inspection checklists, the Home Inspector Pro template is also available as an English/Spanish dual language version. 


Note: Once you install the HomeGauge or Home Inspector Pro templates, everything works exactly as it does with the default templates provided by the software manufacturer, but you now have access to many more narratives and reference material.  Less time spent writing your own narratives means less time generating each report. All narratives are editable and installation is fast and easy!


MS Word      (view Word version here)

The MS Word version of the library is available as a series of documents organized in folders named after the main home systems. Each primary folder may contain documents, and/or secondary folders. 
Each document starts with a Table of Contents, and each page number is a clickable link that will take you instantly to the part of the document containing the narrative you're looking for. If you use software other than HG or HIP, you can still take advantage of the Narrative Library! 
All narratives are editable.


  • Commercial roofing  (115 headings/subheadings)
  • Log Homes (100 headings/subheadings);
  • Pool & Spa (75 headings/subheadings); and
  • Thermal Imaging  (17 headings/subheadings); 

Written by Kenton Shepard (full bio here)

  • Certified Master Inspector;
  • Co-author: InterNACHI report writing course;
  • InterNACHI written/video course developer;
  • InterNACHI class instructor;
  • Published book author.


Narratives are based on the following sources:

  • 11 years inspection experience;
  • 8 years experience in writing inspection courses; 
  • 30 years building experience, residential/light commercial;
  • International Residential Code (IRC);
  • National Fire Protection Standards;
  • Roofing contractors;
  • Insurance company policy;
  • Home inspection Standards of Practice;
  • Existing narrative libraries (all narratives re-written for uniformity); 
  • Technical Data Sheets;
  • Manufacturer’s specifications;
  • Building product installation manuals;

Narratives are worded with safety and inspector liability in mind. Code is not quoted. Both long and short versions of common narratives give you a choice in choosing how you want to say it. Narratives cover all the home systems and include comprehensive sections on Thermal Imaging, Swimming Pool & Spa, Log Homes, and Green Building.

"Other libraries have narratives that are way too short. 
Others have narratives that are way too long. 
Like Goldilocks once said... this one's just right! 
Many thanks to Kenton for his years of work on this project."
             -- Nick Gromicko, Founder of InterNACHI
"Kenton:  I avoided buying your collection of report narratives simply because I
didn’t like the price.  That was a big mistake. I finally gave in and spent the money
and wanted to let you know I think this collection of report narratives is a master work
that is well worth every penny.  Not only is this an invaluable tool for report writing,
it is also a complete lesson in how to perform a thorough home inspection.
As a home inspector I want to avoid reinventing the wheel and get right down to business
doing exceptional inspections and writing exceptional reports.  This tool will help me do exactly that.
Thanks for the grand effort!
All the best,"
Mike Murphy
Mike Murphy Inspections

“I just finished my first report using the new narratives. I shaved about 2 hours off my report writing time. With the basic HG I had to develop a lot of my own narratives as I went. Now I just pick and click for the most part. If you are new to the business, like me, this is a bargain for all the time you will save developing your own narratives. 

Thanks Kenton.”

Frank Rotte
Certified Inspection Services
San Diego CA