National Graphics offers advertising deal to members.

October 6th, 2005
We are pleased to announce a renewed working relationship with National Graphics, the presentation folder specialists. 
InterNACHI members will now get a FREE ad depicting the InterNACHI member's photo and contact information.  The ads are running in literally millions of real estate presentation folders given FREE to REALTORs across North America.  Best of all, each member can offer the presentation folders (with their ad inside) to the real estate offices they regularly work with.  Each folder will contain the InterNACHI logo as well.
This FREE offer is open to ALL InterNACHI members.
"National Graphics produces the highest quality presentation folders I've ever found.  Our members have regular working relationships with the biggest real estate offices in the world.  This mass marketing campaign will not only allow our member to get an ad in these beautiful real estate presentation folders... but also be able to provide them to their favorite REALTORs at no charge," said InterNACHI's Nick Gromicko.
"I am pleased to be working with Nick and InterNACHI again.  InterNACHI and National Graphics are the dominant forces in their respective industries.  Allowing members to provide REALTORs with free presentation folders that include an ad from that InterNACHI member is a win-win," said John Conti, President of National Graphics.
InterNACHI members interested in participating in this ad campaign should contact:
Holly Grant
InterNACHI Rep
National Graphics
(888) 922-1025
For more services visit