InterNACHI discount on NFCI inspection software.

To all new and existing Members of NFCI,

We have just received our custom designed "Inspection Software" branded with our NFCI logo, unbeatable by any other software you have seen before, or may be using right now. We have a "Demo Movie" of the software so you can see the benefits of using this software for your inspection reports.

The NFCI Inspection Software is compiled into and exe, wrapped in a ZIP file that is less 818 KB, fast for download and easy enough to put on a 3" floppy disk. The 26 page report will give you the edge you need in your business that your customers will praise you for to all their friends.

The "NFCI Inspection Software" covers every aspect of what is needed to properly right an inspection report for your clients, and even includes a contract used in both Canada and the USA that is one of the best ways to protection you, your employees and your company from unforeseen law suits. Also included is a section for Environmental testing results, estimated costs for repairs and invoice with a built-in calculator so as not to make any mistakes in your accounting.

The "NFCI Inspection Software is used and only offered to new and existing NFCI/InterNACHI members discounted for less than any other software you will ever find today.

Existing NFCI can get the "NFCI Inspection Software" for $99/US and new members can get it for FREE! with every paid membership in the NFCI foundation.

All InterNACHI members anywhere can get the "NFCI Inspection Software" at a discounted price of $250/US.

If anyone wishes to pay by monthly payments for this software, this too can be arranged for you as little as $25 per month + 3% handling fee for processing.
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