Get your inspection services in the faces of local prospects... every morning.

Do you know someone who runs a local coffee shop? 
Offer to supply them with free  CUP SLEEVES.   Marketing is all about repeat impressions.  Get in the faces of local prospects... every morning.  Best of all, someone else hands them out for you.
Imagine your competitors, your prospects, and the real estate agents in your local market area all drinking cups of coffee (or soy-based, decaf Bhakti Chai, for those of you in Boulder, Colorado) that promote you.  
Don't forget to include a Call-to-Action and your web address on your printed sleeves.  You should also include a list of the inspection services you offer.
Contact InterNACHI's Print Services to design and produce these for you (around 10 cents apiece). Several manufacturers sell them online, as well.
Talk about repeat impressions!!!