PICs from North Texas InterNACHI meeting at ITA/Kaplan campus in Dallas June 20, 2006.

Ms. Payne of InspectionWise Software gives inspector Jim Hemsell of A Closer Look Inspection Services a palm pilot (door prize).   Congrats Jim!  Over 20 door prizes were given out at the meeting from vendors such as Market Hardware, Inspection Depot, Home Inspector Essentials, Palm-Tech, ITA, and too many others to list.  InterNACHI also delivered a new ppt projector to the chapter.
Despite Dallas playing in the NBA finals... over 70 attended.
InterNACHI's Dr. Lionel Nowotny in action.
InterNACHI's Ethics Advisor John Cahill with Nick and Brinks.
InspectionWise, ITA/Kaplan, InterNACHI.
InterNACHI's John Cahill speaks about the new SOP.
InterNACHI members chow down on good food thanks to Brinks Security.
And what happens next, after we eat too much! 
The big InterNACHI boys party with ITA/Kaplan's Managing Director Richard Whitsitt.
Richard makes us all look a bit plump.
Pic taken at 1:30 am.
InterNACHI staffer (and Nick's designated driver) Krystal Wright.
An Austin, TX Chapter of InterNACHI formed at this meeting.
Many thanks to ITA/Kaplan for their continued support and hospitality.
See ya at the next meeting (held every month at the ITA/Kaplan campus):