InterNACHI Chapter building signs.

Another InterNACHI Office! 

Member Larry Ott our resident FHA expert graciously permitted InterNACHI to install a sign on his building in Pittsburgh, PA  .  This is InterNACHI's 14th building sign.  Larry offers FHA training to InterNACHI members. 

InterNACHI-Duka Chapter building gets new sign.  This is InterNACHI's 15th building sign.
If you own or rent a building and want a sign on it, contact Nick at InterNACHI.  We can work on a design that is suitable for both you and InterNACHI.  InterNACHI will arrange everything (including necessary permits) and pay for everything.  

InterNACHI has also purchased entire billboards (not just rented the space on the billboards).  Various ads directing passerbys to and are being tested now.  InterNACHI has plans to purchase over 200 billboards in the coming year or so. 

InterNACHI inspectors already have full market dominance on the internet.  We are now sewing up other media for our members.