InterNACHI members can now save 31% to 88% on office supplies!

InterNACHI has procured a special deal for all InterNACHI members.  InterNACHI members now get 31% to 88% off at OfficeMax®!  InterNACHI members also get:
  • the InterNACHI discount at any of OfficeMax's® 900 retail stores using InterNACHI's OfficeMax® Retail Connect Card;
  • the InterNACHI discount when ordering online;
  • Impress® Print and Document Service discount pricing on business cards, brochures, and marketing materials for all InterNACHI members;
  • free next-day delivery on most items with a minimum $50 purchase; and
  • an easy-to-navigate commercial website for InterNACHI members with custom shopping lists for quick and easy ordering.
To take advantage of InterNACHI-member special pricing:
  1. Download and print your card (link below).
  2. Take your card to the OfficeMax® ImPress counter with your first purchase and they'll laminate it for free.
  3. The cashier will scan your card to pull up InterNACHI's special pricing.
  4. Items will be automatically priced at InterNACHI's special pricing and instantly displayed at the register.
Here is an example of the savings:
Product Number
Retail Price
InterNACHI Price
8.5 X 11 Copy Paper Case

8.5 X 11 Copy Paper Ream


3X3 Sticky Notes 18pk

1.5 X 2 Sticky Notes 12pk

Roll Invisible Tape 12pk


Manila File Folders


8.5 X 11 Note Pads

Stop wasting money on office supplies...
CLICK HERE to download and print your InterNACHI discount card now!
(You'll also receive a password for getting the InterNACHI discounts when you order online.)
Start saving 31% to 88%!
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