Webpages for Inspectors

Why every inspector should have a website that sells.
by Nick Gromicko, CMI®
The home inspection business is different than most any other business in that you (the home inspector) never meet your client until AFTER you are hired. That’s right—when you get out of your truck at the inspection site and introduce yourself to your client, he or she has already hired you. There is almost no salesmanship involved in the home inspection business. Success relies almost solely on marketing. But where should an inspector market? Well, a home inspector’s clients are nearly always home buyers. And many of these home buyers are conveniently all in one place… online.  They are online touring new homes, researching schools, emailing their real estate agents, shopping for mortgages, and looking for home inspectors. And since you will not have an opportunity to sell your inspection services in person, it is important that your website be capable of doing your selling for you.
To a potential client, your website is a sample of what you and your report are going to be like. It makes little sense to drive traffic to a website that doesn’t represent you well. As a home inspector, you might work on some of the most expensive real estate in the world, but no home is as valuable, per square foot, as your own inspection homepage. The right website can generate you many thousands of dollars in inspection business. You only get one chance to make a good first impression. You need a website that reflects that understanding—and one that doesn’t un-sell your inspection services.