InterNACHI member discount on Ontario's Home Energy Audit training.

Ridge Energy Consultants Inc.     
16th March, 2009

Contact: Philip Ridge
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Ridge Energy Consultants Inc. Offers InterNACHI Members Training and Discounted Equipment

The recent announcement of Ontario’s Green Energy Act included an announcement of mandatory Home Energy Audits on the sale of all residential homes. The seller must show a rating label and report to all potential purchasers of the property.
While the Green Energy Act is being lauded internationally for its comprehensive changes, Real Estate Associations in Ontario are worried there will not be enough Energy Advisors to perform the mandated Home Energy Audits.  There are 450 Energy Advisors in Ontario performing Energy Assessments under the current federal and provincial grant programs. It is estimated that 2000+ Energy Advisors will be required to perform the mandatory Home Energy Audits each year.
Ridge Energy Consultants Inc. is ramping up training and certification and is calling on all InterNACHI members to consider this new skill set and alternate revenue stream. Training comprises of a 5 day workshop, an on-line federal exam (NRCan) and the performance of 5 solo and 2 supervised test field house assessments. There is investment in a Blower Door and some minor tools.
Ridge Energy Consultants Inc. is a licensed service organization delivery Energy Assessments under the ecoENERGY federal grant program in Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia.  ecoENERGY initiatives help Canadians use energy more efficiently, boost renewable energy supplies and develop cleaner-energy technologies. 
For more information about this topic or to schedule an interview: contact Philip Ridge at (647) 427-3570