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BestInspectors.Net has published a new e-book for home inspectors titled "An Opinion on Performance is Mandatory" by George Wells, CMI.

This is an e-book about how we report the things we see in a home inspection. When should we report or talk about something we have seen and when should we defer to others?  When should we mention compliance with building codes?  Where do we draw the line?  One state requires inspectors to give an opinion and another is considering prohibiting inspectors from giving opinions.  The e-book's author warns in the beginning that is raises more questions than it answers but it raises some good questions for thought.  This is another "must read" book from BestInspectors.Net.

"An Opinion on Performance is Mandatory" contents:

Part 1. Introduction
Part 2. A Warped and Sagging Floor
Part 3. An Opinion on Performance is Mandatory
Part 4. A Hole in the Roof - A Courtroom Drama
Part 5. Opinions are Prohibited - Or: One Country, Different States
Part 6. Building Codes
Part 7. Code Compliance for Recent Renovations or Alterations
Part 8. Conclusion
Part 9. Acknowledgments
Bonuses installed with the e-book:
  • Legacy 3 Home Inspection Report with PDF-RUR Technology (Allows the Inspector to save completed reports in PDF format using the free Adobe Reader)
  • InterNACHI Standards of Practice
  • InterNACHI Customer Survey
  • BestInspectors.Net pre-inspection agreement

The e-book is available free to InterNACHI members and CMI's.  To obtain your free copy visit  An e-mail with the download information will be mailed to you when you subscribe to BestInspectors.Net's free "Tips For Success" e-mail newsletter.  Your newsletter subscription also gives you access to BestInspectors.Net's free Continuing Education section which features a variety of free technical and business articles for home inspectors.

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