The InterNACHI® Buy-Back + Porch Program

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ISN customers and InterNACHI® members in all of the U.S. and Canada are now eligible to participate in the InterNACHI® Buy-Back + Porch Program! To sign up, simply follow the link below, and choose the Porch option in "Settings." Scroll down for more details.
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What is the InterNACHI® Buy-Back Guarantee + Porch Program?

It is the same InterNACHI® "We'll Buy Your Home" Guarantee, with Porch benefits.  The Buy-Back is a one-of-a-kind marketing tool for participating InterNACHI® members to promote to home buyers and real estate agents.  Essentially, the inspector is so confident in their services that if he or she misses a material defect in the inspection, InterNACHI® will buy the client’s home at the price they purchased it for during the first 90 days.  You can read the full details of the Buy-Back Guarantee here.

What are my options with Porch?

Every inspector who participates in the Porch Program and provides their clients with Porch Home Assistant Gold will be able to offer their clients, at no cost, the InterNACHI® + Porch Buy-Back Guarantee.

Will my data be sold or transferred to Porch?

No. The inspector's and client's information is secure and will remain secure. The only time that data will be sent to Porch is after the InterNACHI® member has explicitly opted in to the program to get help for their clients during their move-in, and to be provided with their free $100-value Porch Handyman Service. In this case, Porch will use the client's name, mailing address, email address, phone number, and the date and time of their home inspection. Porch will never send this data to anyone else unless the member's client requests such service (such as providing it to a professional handyman if they want their TV mounted, for example).  InterNACHI® Founder Nick Gromicko will act as advisor for data security and privacy oversight.

Do Porch home repair contractors operate in compliance with my state's home inspection laws? 

Yes. Porch has been in the business of referring service providers for years. Porch is the exclusive in-store referral service for Lowe's® Home Improvement across the country. Porch also powers retail solutions for companies like Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Williams Sonoma, and many others. Porch and its partners ensure that Porch contractors are compliant in every state.

What if a contractor goes to a home after an inspection and points out items that the inspector missed?

Porch is assuming any liability caused by a Porch professional for an inspector who has opted in to the Porch Program.

I see Porch has some negative online reviews; why should we trust Porch?

Porch has been thoroughly vetted by its partners, including Lowe’s®, Walmart, Pottery Barn, Bed Bath & Beyond,, and many others. Porch has more than 300,000 active professionals using its platform and millions of homeowners accessing its site. It isn’t perfect, but it is the best in the industry and delivers useful products for homeowners.

I offer pest control, HVAC, or another home service and I do not want Porch taking my business.

Porch has heard this feedback and is responding. In the year after the inspection, if one of these services is requested by the homeowner, the Porch Home Assistant will drive these service opportunities back to you. That way, Porch actually helps you to retain these clients over time and grow your business.

What are the advantages of the Porch Program, aside from the Buy-Back Guarantee?

There are three major advantages:

  • Home Assistant Gold: This product is for homeowners and movers, making the moving process easier.  It's free to the homeowner for as long as the inspector is part of the Porch Program. The $350 annual fee is waived, and is communicated to the homeowner as being “sponsored” by the inspector or real estate agent (the inspector chooses who gets the credit). The Home Assistant Gold subscription includes $100 of handyman services for each client. In addition, through this interaction, Porch collects reviews for the inspectors and posts the good ones online to help drive visibility and more business to them.
  • No-Complaint Guarantee: This benefit mitigates the risk of any consumer complaint caused by Porch. If there is a single complaint in a month caused by a call or email from Porch, Porch will pay for the inspector’s InterNACHI® membership dues for that month.
  • Porch Profile and Porch Perks: The Porch Profile gives inspectors the ability to collect leads and calls via their profile at no cost to them. In addition, their Porch presence unlocks Porch Perks, which provides discounts to inspectors, like 7% off at Lowe’s®.

How do the Porch Handyman Services work, and when do they expire?

The Porch Handyman Service credits are given to the home buyer by their Porch Home Assistant, with the inspector receiving the credit. The Porch Home Assistant maintains a record of the coupons that have been used. Each $100 of service includes four $25 coupons. The coupons do not expire and are valid for as long as the granting inspector remains part of the Porch Program.

What if my client doesn’t want to be contacted by Porch?

Home buyers first receive an email from their Porch Home Assistant before receiving a phone call, and if they do not want to be contacted again, they can just email their reply and let their Home Assistant know that they do not want to be called, and they won't be. At any time if the homeowner does not want or need help with any services, they will not be contacted.

Can individual homeowners or agents opt out?

Yes; this capability is available. Inspectors can participate in the Porch Program and still opt-out individual homeowners or agents if they do not want Porch contacting specific individuals. If a client has opted out, the inspector would be responsible for the Buy-Back Guarantee fee for that individual client.

How many calls will my client receive from the Porch Home Assistant?  What will they be told?

First, an email is sent to your client. If they indicate that they do not want to be contacted, they can simply let the Home Assistant know and they will not be contacted further. The Home Assistant makes, on average, two calls per homeowner, but some homeowners are more difficult to get in touch with and may receive more contact. No more than four calls will be made over the week, or two after the inspection. All communication with your client will be based around helping them with the services they need for their new home; more than 50% of home buyers that Porch talks to need help with more than one service.