PRESS RELEASE: Infraspection Institute Partners with InterNACHI® for Infrared Training



Infraspection Institute Partners with
InterNACHI® for Infrared Training at Its Two House of Horrors®


BURLINGTON, N.J. (July 11, 2018) — Infraspection Institute and the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors – InterNACHI® – have announced dates for their live infrared training at InterNACHI’s two House of Horrors® facilities in Colorado and Florida. “Infrared Inspections for Home and Building Inspectors” will be taught in Boulder, Colo., over Aug. 16-17, and in Weston, Fla., over Nov. 1-2, 2018.

Infraspection Institute’s Jim Seffrin said, “This represents a unique opportunity for us to provide hands-on training in a facility that simulates the type of real-world defects that students will encounter during infrared inspections.”

“IR Inspections for Home & Building Inspectors” is a two-day, 16-hour class is designed specifically for home and building inspectors in the theory and application of thermal imaging for residential and commercial properties.  The class will provide in-depth theoretical and practical instruction on how to detect and locate hidden problems using thermal imaging in the electrical system, HVAC system, roof, exterior, building sidewalls, and other subsystems.  It will also cover how to analyze images and write reports, as well as how to successfully price, market, and sell infrared inspection services.

InterNACHI® Founder Nick Gromicko said, “During the past few years, the use of thermal imaging has increased dramatically among home inspectors.  Working with Infraspection Institute at our House of Horrors® provides unmatched training that will help to ensure the future success of our students.”

Attendance in this class is worth 16 Continuing Education credit hours that may be applied to the training requirements for thermographer certification through Infraspection Institute, and Infrared-Certified® certification through InterNACHI®.  The cost includes a Student Reference Manual and Certificate of Completion, as well as catered breakfast, lunch, and snacks onsite.

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