InterNACHI's member-controlled profile editor.


InterNACHI members can edit their own contact information and personal market areas on all InterNACHI-owned websites at once, anytime, and as often as they like (no limit).

This easy-to-use editor allows members to change such things as their company name, address (not made public), phone number, fax number, email address, website, and primary zip/postal code served (yes it is Canadian-friendly).

There is no limit to the number of times you can edit your profile and primary zip/postal code service area.  Profile changes take effect instantly and simultaneously on all InterNACHI sites including www.InspectorSEEK.comwww.FindAnInspector.US,, at InterNACHI's Membership Department, in your free subscription database, in the North American Inspector Directory, and in your AVATAR on the message board (so double-check).  It also changes it at (within 48 hours), at, at, at www.NACHI.TV, and on your fully tax deductible receipt.

The member-controlled profile editor is another step toward giving members greater and faster control of their online market presence.

You can access the profile editor from your members-only option page or by using your members-only username and password from

Click here to edit your profile.



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