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ProMark Inspectionware™ is a powerful data collection and report creation tool designed to fulfill the needs of the Inspector, the Client and the Real Estate Professional. 
  • Your Client receives a timely, easy to read, left to right form style report that places the most important information, (your comments), in the same area of the report where they can be accessed and read immediately. For your Client's ease of reading, our room by room method of reporting reduces the confusion caused by report forms that refer to multiple rooms or areas all on one page. Instead of one page referring to three bedrooms, each page refers to only one specific room or area. 
  • For your Real Estate Professionals, ProMark Inspectionware™ has the ability to print out an Executive Summary. The Executive Summary creates and indexes a list of all the written comments made by you within a specific Inspection Report, which you can then print out and give, (with Client permission of course), to the Agents involved in the Real Estate transaction. The purpose of this report is to provide for quick and convenient access to the comments portion of the Inspection Report. It IS NOT designed to be used as a substitute for the Complete Inspection Report.
  • In addition, ProMark Inspectionware™ offers the Inspector many other useful tools, including the ability to track a Property Inspection, from first Customer/Agent contact to delivery of the completed Inspection report and Executive Summary. Follow up communication with both Customers and Agents is possible through ProMark's Contact Manager and custom letter writing modules. These powerful tools allow you to create a list of letter recipients and then merge this list with your customized letter with only a few button clicks! Of course, automatically created address labels can also be created saving you hours of work. Whether you are looking to communicate with a specific Client or Agent, or whether you wish to create a bulk mailing, ProMark's Contact Manager is for you!
You will be impressed with how easy, intuitive and fast it is to learn and use. Your Agents, Clients and most importantly you will completely satisfied. If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at
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