InterNACHI's Radon Test Addendum


You, the (property owner) (prospective buyer), have signed an Agreement with us for a home inspection at ________________.     In addition, by signing this Addendum, you are asking us to test for the presence of radon in the terms set forth below.

  1. The fee for our radon testing is $________. This is in addition to our fee for the home inspection. 

  2. We or our subcontractor will perform a radon inspection of the home/building to measure the radon level in the air by the use of an approved short-term charcoal collection device. This will require a minimum of 48 hours, but may take longer. We will deliver the testing device to a recognized laboratory and provide you with a written report when we receive the laboratory’s results. 

  3. We are not responsible for correcting or mitigating radon issues.  As a courtesy, we may offer comments related to radon mitigation, but these will not obligate us to create or implement a mitigation plan. 

  4. Radon is a colorless, odorless radioactive gas that may be harmful to humans.  The amount of radon in the air is measured in picocuries of radon gas per liter of air, or “pCi/L.”  While any radon exposure creates some risk to health, the EPA considers a level of 4 pCi/L or higher dangerous and recommends that you take remedial measures to reduce or eliminate radon.

  5. We will perform the radon testing in accordance with current industry standards in the area.   

  6. If you are the property owner, you must comply with our instructions.  If you are the property owner, you understand that, as part of our radon testing, we or our subcontractor will leave certain equipment in your residence. If the equipment is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed while in your residence, you agree to pay us or our subcontractor for the cost to replace the equipment with identical new equipment.  You understand that in that situation, it would take time for us to obtain new equipment, and that without the equipment, we or our subcontractor will be unable to engage in radon testing and will therefore be losing income.  You agree that, in this situation, you will pay us or our subcontractor $ ____ per day as liquidated damages for that lost income, in addition to the cost of replacing the equipment.

  7. All other provisions of the Home Inspection Agreement you signed apply to our radon testing and to this Addendum.


I have carefully read this document.  I understand it and voluntarily agree to these terms.


CLIENT                                                                                       (Date)