InterNACHI's Radon Waiver

Many home inspectors create potential problems for themselves because the client does not understand what the inspection will cover.  For this reason, InterNACHI attorney Mark Cohen encourages inspectors to always have the client sign the InterNACHI Agreement (between inspector and client) that specifies what the inspector is going to do.  Radon gas kills.  So if the inspection is in a high radon area or if the inspector discovers a radon mitigation system during the inspection and the client doesn't want to order radon testing, the inspector might consider having the client sign a separate waiver of radon testing.  
InterNACHI's sample radon waiver is downloadable by CLICKING HERE (PDF).
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Radon Inspection Agreement (InterNACHI members only)
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Note:  InterNACHI markets members who offer radon testing using various covert websites.  If you are a member who offers radon testing or other ancillary inspections, add those services to your profile at
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