Invite your local REALTORs to join you as your guest.

The following invitation is something you should consider sending out to all your local real estate agents.  Most of them won't come, but that is not the point.  There is a marketing opportunity here you should exploit.  The invitation touts your commitment to continuing education and reminds the agents how this commitment is of great benefit to their clients.  The invitation is a strong marketing piece in and of itself.  If by chance a real estate agent accepts your invitation... all the better.  InterNACHI is not charging licensed real estate agents.  They can attend InterNACHI's convention as member guests for free.
Sample invitation:
Re: Invitation from Joe McSpector
Dear Mrs. I. B. Goodagent, RE/MAX:
As you are aware, our industries are forever tied together and constantly changing.  Furthermore, we share common clients (homebuyers).   I have always been committed to not only keeping up with my profession... but staying ahead of it for the benefit of our clients.
I'll be attending the National Association of Certified Home Inspector's (InterNACHI's) national continuing education convention in Toronto, Canada from May 17-19, 2007, and I'm inviting you to stop by as my guest.
InterNACHI's convention is the inspection event of the year with 92 exhibitors and over 40 different speakers.  Many of these exhibits and speakers have a direct connection to your real estate business (dispute resolution, WDO, inspection report generation, marketing, mold, business coaching, safety, etc).  I encourage you to attend as my guest, at no charge.  More information is available at
Not all inspectors are the same.  You and your clients are poorly served by a home inspector who misses major defects that exist, or worse... an inspector who finds defects that don't exist.  My commitment to continuing education results in a better on-site experience for our shared clients and a more accurate report for you to work with.  Please let me know if you can join me in May and I will add your name to the convention guest list.
Joe McSpector
ABC Inspections
Phone: (123) 456-7890 
InterNACHI members should email with the names of any agents accepting this invitation so that we can add them to the guest list.