InterNACHI founder Nick Gromicko quoted on the back cover of new Christian book.

A new Christian book by Jeremiah Sinsheimer features a review by InterNACHI and Cozy Coats for Kids® founder Nick Gromicko on the back cover:
The book titled "Rebound, Return, Restore" is a beautiful story of redemption.  This book helps you to return to a place of peace and hope in Christ and empowers you to live a life that is no longer hindered by your mistakes or failures.

Here is what Nick had to say about the book:

"Have you ever gone down a path that slowly but incrementally got worse and worse? Perhaps it was a business idea that required more and more investment, but never generated a profit. Or it could be someone you were dating longer than you should have before you realized he or she was not the one for you. It is a horrible feeling. It feels like you wasted time and energy only to end up going backwards. Well, that might very well be what you should do... Go backwards! Go back to the place God called you to be. There is no shame in turning around and turning your life around. The title of this book says it all: "Rebound, Return, Restore." Read it. Then start your journey back to God. Remember that a path that started out good but got worse and worse... is also the very same path that gets better and better on the trip back." - Nick Gromicko

Nick also came up with the title of the book: 

Copies of the book will be sent to those making donations to Cozy Coats for Kids®.

If you can't wait, you can order a copy now from Amazon at: