Exclusively for InterNACHI® Members: $50 Visa Gift Card from RecallAlert for Life

RecallAlert for Life is a service that alerts you when active recalls exist on major household appliances within a home. Our purpose is to ensure that you or your clients are always informed of any outstanding safety or functionality recalls that develop. 

The RecallAlert for Life mobile app allows users to quickly and easily add appliance model numbers that are then researched for results. Once the appliance model numbers are added, a report will be generated. These reports are updated every month with your inspection company and the referring realtors' information (if applicable) and are then emailed to your customers.

All InterNACHI® certified members will receive a $50 Visa gift card, once 50 RecallAlert for Life property submissions are completed.  Try us out for FREE – there's no obligation!  For more information, visit https://myrecallalert.com/internachi.

Questions?  Email info@myrecallalert.com.