InterNACHI's online roofing course is like being on a 100 roofs.

What they're saying about InterNACHI's online roofing course:
  • Mr. Beaumont's roofing course is just the beginning of what will be InterNACHI's greatest benefit to its members.  Education.  Professional Education is the heart and soul of consumer protection. John Bowman, Executive Director, National Association of Certified Home Inspectors.
  • The InterNACHI Roofing Course compiled and orchestrated by Gerry Beaumont is an outstanding training exercise.  A perfect blend of relevant content, diagrams and photos.  InterNACHI should shout from the rooftops about this course.  Mike Rose.
  •  Excellent work Gerry!  Many thanks. Marcel Gratton.
  • Great Course!  Enjoyed it very much.  Jim Dietrich.
  • Great course and very informitive!  Thanks, Jon Neser.
  • Great course.  Learned a bunch.  Thanks, Earl Bridges.
  • VERY good course.  Learned several things that I had seen during an inspection and not known everything about. Thanks, can't wait for the next course!  Craig Lambert.
  • It was very helpful to review this information and I hope to see this area of service grow.  William "Bill" Poole.
  • Thanks, it is a great course and I will review again.  N. Napolitan
  • I have just completed the online roofing course.  I would first like to say, thank you and well done.  The course was very well put together and covered a great amount of relevant material.  Keep up the out standing work!  Rob Judd.
  • You have done a great job putting this course together.  I paid $1000 for the course I took from ****.  I paid because, I didn't know what I didn't know.  When you are done with all the modules, you will have a real resource for new inspectors.  BZ, which is NATO code for "Well Done."  John Cooper.
  • Just got through with the online roofing course.  Fantastic.  It was a much needed review for the more uncommon roof systems.  Generally around my part of the world all we get is boring old asphalt shingles and given the 7 cycle of major hailstorms many problems are not found except in really old houses where people just don't care.
  • Thank you for all the InterNACHI related work you do.  I didn't know which association to join and kind of took a flyer on InterNACHI.  Turns out I have made my membership fee back at least 3 fold in the short time I have been a member. Andrew Way.
  • Just finished the roofing course, I found it very interesting. I've learned a lot from it as we don't get to see all types of roofs up here in northern Ontario. Well done.  Good job.  Thank you, Jeannot Côté.
  • Gerry I truly appreciate the hard work you have done here.  It was a great course and I look forward to more like it thanks.  My hat is off to you brother.  Best regards, Chip O'Brian. 
  • I just completed the on-line roofing course.  Turns out I learned a few things I didn't know and could probably use some brushing up.  Great JOB InterNACHI!!!.  Thanks, and I hope to see more on-line courses.  Thanks to Gerry for his contribution and valuable expertise  Please pass it along to him.  Lee D. Barnes.