Russell Buchanan

Russell Buchanan is president of HomeGauge®, which provides the home inspection software and Internet tools inspectors need to best serve their clients, including home buyers, home sellers, and real estate professionals. Using their software and Internet tools, home and commercial inspectors are able to provide their clients with comprehensive information on the condition of the inspected property by printing a report onsite, or by using their online secure report delivery and validation process through  HomeGauge® is bringing the home inspection industry up to speed with the new way real estate is being transacted on the Internet. HomeGauge® serves inspectors in every state in the U.S. They continue to grow steadily and add new partnerships with companies like HouseMaster (a leading home inspection franchise), Buyers Protection Group, and NACA (a leader in housing services).  With dedicated staff for ongoing research and development, plus a commitment to customer service, HomeGauge® is the leader in home inspection software and Internet tools.  Russell frequently attends home inspection-related conferences and hosts training classes.