Are Your Inspection Services Priced for Profit?

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Running a successful home inspection business means having an overall pricing scheme that lets your business make the profit it needs to survive. Otherwise, there is no reason to be in business.

The Service Business Pricing Modeler with Breakeven Analysis for MS Excel is designed to quickly and easily let you model your current pricing schemes for all your services simultaneously, not just a generic average.  This ability to precisely and flexibly handle multiple services will let you respond to competitive forces while finding practical ways to maintain your overall business profitability.

Maintain a profitable pricing scheme by responding quickly to changes in your costs. A quick response lets you make small incremental changes in your pricing that meet with less resistance than large price changes done infrequently.

The worksheet is self-documenting with comments included in most of the cells.  The user interface is straightforward and easy to understand. The required data is basic core information about your business costs with no heavy mathematics needed.  Once entered you can save the worksheet and the data so information only has to be entered once saving you time and effort. When you upgrade to the permanent version your data does not t have to be re-entered.

The models are the core of the worksheet.  They included a powerful variable price model that allows you to test multiple scenarios. You can selectively control each price individually while keeping your overall scheme profitable.  There is also a straightforward cost -- plus model and a current pricing analysis for your information and comparison

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