InterNACHI adjusts sorting algorithms.


InterNACHI upgrades sorting algorithms of industry's most popular search engines.

Amherst, MA – March 8th, 2005 – The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) updated the sorting algorithms for the industry's most popular home inspector search engines, FindAnInspector.US and today. This change comes in response to suggestions from a number of InterNACHI members throughout the country. InterNACHI's search engines have always sorted by distance first, but when two or more inspectors are equally distant from a given point, the sorting algorithms have traditionally given inspectors with the least "exposure" (Web site visits and e-mails through the search engine) preference. The new sorting algorithm still sorts by distance first, but produces a personal, randomized order in the case of two or more inspectors at the same distance.

"It's not just a random sort," explains Chris Morrell (InterNACHI's Director of IT). "When you sort search results randomly, they change each time someone refreshes the page or re-does the search. This can be very confusing. This new algorithm's 'randomness' is based on the IP address of the person viewing the search page, so they get the same results until their IP address changes. This means that each new person gets their own personalized list of home inspectors."

"InterNACHI is the world's most member-driven trade association," said Nick Gromicko (InterNACHI's Director of Operations). "Even little adjustments like these made to the sorting algorithms of consumer search engines are made in response to our member's wishes."

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