Sharondale Academy uses InterNACHI's training material exclusively.

March 1st,2008

Press release:
Sharondale Academy of Arts and Trades is pleased to announce their transition in home inspection curriculum, from using Torontos' best, to using the worlds' best! Sharondale will now be incorporating InterNACHIs' world class, " Ministry of Education approved " training programs and exams on each of their campuses.
What was once great, has now become even better! InterNACHI members will receive discounted pricing on all courses offered by Sharondale, and the Academy will now offer every graduating student, a one year membership in the International Association Of Certified Home Inspectors, as an added bonus!
Hands-on training takes on a new meaning, as Sharondale is now offering a 50/50 split on time spent in class, and time spent doing actual home inspections. This is cutting-edge education! Nobody else, anywhere, offers this kind of hands-on training to their students.

Basicly, all homework is done online, and class time is given to things like tearing apart, and rewiring an electrical service panel, marketing, report writing, dealing with sales reps, character building, and entrepreneurship. The rest of the students time is spent being

personally mentored in the field of home inspections, complete with written report!

Sharondale Academy gives its' best to its' students, and demands each student's best effort in return. We don't take every person who applies. We look for people who are detail oriented; for things like passion, drive, integrity, honesty, stability, and a committment to excellence!

We accept nothing less than an 80% in order for our students to graduate, although we also bend over backwards, to ensure that each student understands all course materials in such a way that he/she has little or no problem achieving the required 80% in order to pass!

Our vision is to raise the standards of the industry, and produce inspectors who will not be content to merely meet the standards, but strive with us to always give the client more than he/she expects.

Next course is starting Mon., May 19th., at our Toronto campus. Check out our website at "  or contact us at (416) 912-0852