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Home Inspectors Expand Service Offerings through SkyeTec and InterNACHI Partnership
Jacksonville based SkyeTec® and InterNACHI offer home inspectors licensure and certification to conduct Mold and Water Intrusion Certification Inspections. 
One of the most difficult challenges in the indoor environmental industry is finding qualified personnel who can offer homeowners peace of mind from moisture intrusion and mold. To meet the growing demand for expertise and peace of mind, the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) and SkyeTec have partnered to offer InterNACHI members licensure and training for water intrusion and mold certification inspections, allowing home inspectors to expand their offerings.
“We created the technology and training to provide the most comprehensive response possible for home inspectors to utilize in expanding their service offerings,” said SkyeTec CEO Chris Uhland.
Aside from the ability to perform water intrusion and mold inspections, the partnership offers home inspectors, a variety of new tools that range from training to an online, proprietary database-- SkyeTracSM.  Specifically, SkyeTracSM documents the findings from every Certification Inspection—offering written proof of a home’s indoor environmental conditions at the time of inspection.  In addition, SkyeTec will be driving marketing efforts to the real estate community, educating them in the benefits of the Certification and the expertise required.
The home inspector’s fees are limited to a licensing fee, support fees (if necessary), and a per inspection cost (when applicable).
The need for expertise has been highlighted most recently in the Florida legislature with consumer protection legislation.  In recent years, industry commentary, several states, and the media have also demonstrated the demand for standards in the indoor environmental industry.  SkyeTec has become that standard.  With approximately 50,000 inspections on new construction scheduled in the Southeast, a scientific process based on nationally recognized industry guidelines, and degreed inspectors, SkyeTec is seeking to meet home inspectors’ need to provide expert indoor environmental assessments.
SkyeTec and InterNACHI offer…
  • Training to conduct indoor environment assessments
  • Marketing support
  • Technical support for SkyeTrac
  • Certification materials for homeowners
“This unique relationship provides needed supply for growing demand in the real estate market along with the confidence of the right solution at the right time,” said Uhland.
About SkyeTec:

SkyeTec is the premier indoor environmental consulting firm in the country--integrating preventative techniques with concise diagnoses and unbiased analysis as the industry benchmark through its subsidiaries: SkyeTec Environmental Building Solutions, Inc.; SkyeTec Environmental Diagnostic Services, Inc.; and Environmental Claims Services, Inc. The subsidiaries work together to strengthen their clients’ products and give their clients peace of mind. | 1-866-SkyeTec
About InterNACHI:
InterNACHI is the U.S.'s and the world's largest home inspection association and the only inspection trade association that front-ends its membership requirements ahead of the application process.  InterNACHI also operates the industry's largest website, with over 48,000 pages, publishes the industry newspaper, Inspector's Quarterly with a mailing list over 92,000 and hosts the industry message board with over 157,000 posts. for the certified inspector nearest you.

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