Pic of InterNACHI member's mousepad.

Quality is excellent,  and GREAT  RESPONSE while handing them out at the REALTOR's offices....there is actually excitement in the air. I feel like Santa Clause coming out of there.
Don't let others forget the girls at the front desks or the assistants...they are usually the ones phoning us!!!  Thank-you for NACHIs financial part in this, that's what makes it possible for us little one man operations.  Without NACHIs help it would be too much to bear.
Best Promo I've seen in my entire life!   Again I say, there right there in front of them all the time...24/7 my Name and Phone #.  I'm thrilled and so are my Realtors...notice I said my Realtors. Excellent one on one interaction with them and of course a few brochures to hand out to their clients!
Thanks again,
Darrell Hadler
Five Star Home Inspections
Medicine Hat, AB. Canada