$1,000 Infrared Camera Discount for InterNACHI members.

SPI is pleased to announce a breakthrough in thermal infrared camera technology that shatters all barriers of price, size and performance.  The new RAZ-IR SX thermography camera is the lightest, smallest, most complete and most affordable fully radiometric 60 Hz (real time frame rate) thermal infrared camera available.  With this special extreme InterNACHI discount package the question is no longer “can I afford to buy an infrared camera” but “can I afford not to buy the RAZ-IR”
InterNACHI Package Includes:
  • RAZ-IR SX radiometric thermal infrared camera (real time 60 Hz TV frame rate)
  • 4 Lithium ION rechargeable batteries w/battery charger and in camera charging
  • Onscreen multi-point temperature measurement (spot, area, line and ISO therm)
  • Integrated voice annotation stores user comments with image file
  • Integrated laser pointer
  • Audible alarming (high low temps user adjustable)
  • 8 color pallets to enhance analysis of difficult scenes
  • E-Zoom for a closer look
  • NTSC video output for display on an external screen
  • Onboard generous image storage capability with USB download to your computer
  • 1 GB flash drive
  • RAZ-IR to PC or Laptop for real time video/still image viewing + recording direct to your computers hard drive for storage and analysis
  • RAZ-IR custom fitted protective cover designed to keep your investment like new
  • Weighs less than 1 pound
  • Tripod mount / mini tripod / LED flashlight
  • Hard shell waterproof case, soft sided carrying case, belt clip case
  • RAZ-IR Analyzer software (full professional version) for reporting and full radiometric analysis is included. No license required - means you are free to install on as many computers as you wish.
The InterNACHI discount is $1,000 off already low pricing.  Contact us and you will be shocked at how inexpensive it is to acquire all these features.  Optional systems are available with even higher resolution, larger image storage capacity and integrated CCD camera capability.  Finally, all RAZ-IR camera models are compatible with SPI optics offering you a nice selection of affordable wide angle, telephoto and extreme telephoto options. Call us at 702-369-3966 or visit www.raz-ir.com .
Specifically designed to satisfy the needs of the professional home inspection market, the new RAZ-IR provides you with a penetrating view of homes and buildings.  The RAZ-IR has the sensitivity required to perform energy audits, building envelope analysis, mold and moisture surveys, flat roof inspections, block wall inspections, buried pipe identification and more.  With its advanced full screen radiometric capability, the RAZ-IR infrared camera can take you into more advanced (more lucrative) inspections of electrical systems, mechanical wear analysis, product R&D profiles and any other application that requires accurate temperature measurement at any point on the screen.  Competing products with a single spot temperature measurement, or no temperature measurement, limit the available jobs you can undertake and effectively put a cap on the potential income a camera can earn for you.