Inspector vision test.

Nothing on this page is moving.  Do you see anything moving?
  • InterNACHI members see it moving slightly but complain the test is too easy.
  • ASHI members see it moving slightly but will only take the test if it is clear that it isn't going to become ASHI's first ever entrance requirement.
  • CREIA members only see the left side of it.
  • IAC2 members blame it on the effects of mold and radon.
  • CAHPI members want to know if the test is government recognized and can they charge InterNACHI members double to take it.
  • CMIs are checking the background out.
  • ASTM will author a moving image standard if we all agree to pay them every time we look at it.
  • FABI members blame the movement on hurricanes.
  • Scumbag NAHI members don't see it at all... they're too busy offering bribes to agents to recommend that we hire their brother in laws who just so happen to be in the business of fixing moving images.