Inspectors wanted. Job opportunities across N. America.

Strategic Asset Services is a commercial property inspection company providing inspection services to major commercial lenders throughout the country, utilizing a team of part-time employee inspectors working from their homes. We specialize in securitized real estate, which requires typical annual inspections of the loan collateral.

Our inspections are of a more limited scope and represent a “random sampling” of the overall property, including exterior/interior common areas, a select number of occupied/vacant units, and roof/mechanical areas.  The average inspection takes approximately 3 to 3.5 hours to complete, from initial download to final upload, depending on property size and distance.  Included in this model are set-up, phone calling, driving, site inspection, typing and uploading. 

We have found that this opportunity provides an appealing source of additional income for home inspectors, who have a strong foundation in major components, making them well qualified to assess the general physical condition of a property. This does not require someone experienced in commercial properties, only an individual able to note typical signs of deferred maintenance.

Our inspectors are paid as hourly employees, reimbursed for mileage (40.5 cents per mile), and receive a small phone allowance.  Additionally, the following intangible benefits make this an appealing option:
• Very flexible schedule with deadlines averaging 4-6 weeks
• Bi-weekly paycheck with direct deposit available
• Exposure to the commercial real estate industry and all commercial property types
• Networking opportunities
• Potential opportunity to do more work during slower home inspection periods
We have successfully hired many certified home inspectors throughout the country who would be happy to attest to our business integrity, as well as the support provided to our team.  Please refer to the InterNACHI Message Board for comments from some of our excellent home inspector employees. 

Although we have immediate openings in the following territories, we would welcome responses from interested inspectors in any territory.  We are growing rapidly and may well have opportunities available in other areas in the near future.

Washington DC/Northern VA 
Wichita, KS    
Indianapolis, IN 
Omaha, NE    
Duluth, MN
Cedar Rapids, IA
Ft. Myers/Cape Coral, FL
Wausau (Central), WI
Northern NJ
Cleveland, OH 
Long Island, NY
Toledo, OH  
Los Angeles, CA
Jackson, MS    
Medford, OR
Charleston, WV
Redding, CA
Roanoke, WV
Reno, NV
Philadelphia, PA
Idaho Falls, ID
Northern VT
Killeen/Temple, TX
Springfield, MA
Austin, TX
Portland, ME
Charleston, WV
Richmond, VA
Roanoke, VA
Syracuse/Utica, NY
If this would potentially be of interest to you, please contact us, and we can discuss the opportunity further.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Linda Chocco
Strategic Asset Services