Images from the Stucco & EIFS Inspection Course Being Developed

InterNACHI members from Texas, Colorado, Utah, Ontario, Geogia, Florida, Wyoming, Nebraska, New Jersey, and South Dakota attend InterNACHI's 2-day, advanced, stucco/EIFS inspection training course.
The following information (text and images) is from the live class, which we filmed years ago and turned into an online certification program (free & online for members):
Deck issues with stucco and EIFS.
Another hands-on exam.  Note the infrared cameras on the left.
Course consultant and Dryvit representative Rich Vigilo from Jones Heartz Lime Co.
Course consultant Lee Crowe of AGS Stucco, Inc.
Discussing exterior mock-ups.
Pics from Tuesday early afternoon:
Badair sprays down wall with water.
Kenton in background manning the boom mic.
Angela runs the teleprompter.
Valerie Green, President of NACHI.TV.
Pics from Tuesday morning:
Pump provides water for downspout/gutter demo.
Paige in her messy studio-side office.
Training wall.
PRO-LAB donates donuts (PRO-LAB provided all the food and drinks for this event).
Nick and South Dakota Amerispec's Keith Runquist.
Mike Chris from Utah Chuck Evans from Texas.
Coffee break. 
Kenton demonstrates the Resistograph. 
Pics from Monday afternoon:
Exterior mock-up discussions.
They roll in another exterior mock-up.
Ken Sitzes (IL education) and Kenton Shepard (NACHI.TV education).
Gourmet lunch.
Pics from Monday morning:
Members create an observation report for each exterior mock-up.
Barry Adair from Texas during break.
12 exterior mock-ups, each with a window.
Inspection tool table.
Trainer Dan Bowers from Kansas wins the belly contest.
Ken Sitzes from IL compares thermal imaging cameras.
Ron Huffman, lead instructor, administers first written quiz.  
Inspection literature table.
Advanced Stucco/EIFS Inspection Training Course
for Home and Commercial Property Inspectors

Live Hands-On 2-day Training 
        16 CE Credit Hours (InterNACHI and CMI) 
Ronald Huffman, President and Founder of EIFS, Exteriors & Stucco Evaluation Consultants, Inc., is the instructor. 
NACHI.TV will be filming parts of the course in the NACHI.TV studios in Boulder, Colorado.
We built 12 mock-up walls (on casters) covered with the most common types of stucco and EIFS, including manufactured stone.  Learn how to identify the many different covering materials, recognize defects, and report on potential problems areas.
The stucco and EIFS are applied to interact with windows, openings, railings, flashing, electrical boxes, water pipes, dryer hoods and ledger boards. The exterior covering materials have been applied in open layers to reveal how stucco is installed and applied on different substrates.  Different drainage planes and moisture barriers are installed. 
Underlying layers  and components are open for inspection, including felt paper, house wrap, OSB, plywood sheathing, hard coats, flashing, metal lath, wire and cloth, weep holes, insulation, foam, backer rod, penetrations, sealant, wall-to-roof flashing, and more.
Mr. Huffman purposely embedded defects in the installation of the materials.  Over 20 different installations with over 50 defects are installed for hands-on, up-close learning.  We'll spray water on the walls, and then we'll spin the walls around and watch the moisture penetrate the interior of the wall cavity.
If you are performing inspections on properties covered with stucco or EIFS, you must take this course!  InterNACHI provides a certificate of completion.  16 hours of CE. 
Bring your camera.  Take pictures and include them in your reports, websites, and marketing literature. 
You will learn what every inspector needs to know about performing non-invasive, visual-only inspections of stucco and EIFS, including identifying covering materials, recognizing defects an  d reporting potential problem areas.
We have a standing $79 "InterNACHI" room rate at the Holiday Inn, a block away, for those staying overnight.  And Nick buys lunch for any member staying overnight.
This is normally a $2,500.00 course.  But it is free for members outside of Colorado and only $200 for members inside of Colorado.
Limited seating!  Only 30 seats available in the NACHI.TV studio.  Reserve your seat today by emailing or calling Nick at: (303)502-6214.
See ya there!... I mean here!
Nick Gromicko