New Sewer Scope Camera Named After Nick Gromicko: Press Release


Subtech Manufacturing Introduces New Sewer Scope Camera Named for 
InterNACHI® Founder

BOULDER, Colo. (Sept. 8, 2020) – InterNACHI® is pleased to announce the release of the Nick Gromicko Model of Subtech Manufacturing’s newest sewer scope camera, developed especially for the home inspection industry. The new model was designed and built exclusively for home inspectors.

Home inspectors now have a unique tool designed specifically for inspections, allowing them to quickly and easily view and record the condition of residential plumbing drain lines.

Subtech and its President Jack Felix have been designing and manufacturing pipeline inspection cameras since 1992. In recent years, they’ve been working alongside Nick Gromicko and Certified Master Inspector® Jim Krumm for InterNACHI’s Sewer Scope Training Class.   

Says Felix, “We have created a unique camera system that is being used by home inspectors worldwide. I appreciate everything that Nick has done in helping us get this unit to market.”

The Mini Series ST-5500 boasts a line capacity of 140 feet, with a maximum distance of 200 feet, and an operating depth of 350 feet (150 psi). Producing color images with a resolution of 512x492 pixels in 420 TVL, the camera itself is very portable at 1.3x2 inches, with a 7-inch command module. It can operate in extreme temperatures. Options are available for WiFi, straight-to-USB recording capability, phone playback, and a camera locator.  The full specs and pricing inquiries are available at:

“This awesome new model will be great for the industry,” says Gromicko.