InterNACHI members can make digital copies of handwritten reports directly from a pen!

InterNACHI and Talario Announce Partnership
The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) and Talario are pleased to announce that InterNACHI has completed a successful evaluation of Talario's Xpaper digital writing system and now approves Xpaper's use for its home inspection member companies.
Xpaper allows home inspectors to streamline their recordkeeping by putting a new twist on a very familiar tool - pen and paper. Now home inspectors can have the simplicity of paper and get the advantages of a digital system at the same time.  The Xpaper system makes this possibly by instantly generating digital copies of handwritten forms directly from a pen, thus eliminating the need for multi-part NCR forms and scanning.
To use the system inspectors simply print inspection forms on Xpaper using their existing printer, complete the forms in the field with a special pen, and then effortlessly create clear PDF copies of the documents by later docking the pen in a cradle on their computer. The digital copies can then be automatically stored, searched, and emailed from the computer, saving both time and money in form filing and delivery. The original paper copy can be retained if desired. The pen will work for days and will store handwriting from over 100 pages before requiring downloading.
"We are very pleased that InterNACHI has evaluated Xpaper and approved it for use by their members," said Talario president Tim Aughenbaugh.  "We think home inspectors will find it as easy and flexible to use as regular pen and paper, making it a great complement or data collection alternative to PDAs, Tablet PCs, and other digital devices."
For a limited time in conjunction with this announcement, Talario is offering a 10% discount on Xpaper products to InterNACHI members. To receive this discount, home inspectors need to place orders at or by calling Talario at (605) 692-9877, and use Partner Code InterNACHI. Complete kits including the digital pen, Xpaper software, and 100 sheets of paper start at $249.